Happy New Year!

Thank you 2018!

 We’ve had some wonderful things happen at All Tasks last year. Nancy welcomed a new bundle of joy into her family, and we found two new bookkeepers! I’ve been very fortunate to have such a great team who make the environment for us all so good! Everyone is a bookkeeper, but they all also have other skills that make the work we do go so well. Nancy Stanton joined All Tasks in January 2015, Carolina McLeod came on board in March 2017, Tracy Griffiths in April of 2018, and Laura McGillivray joined us in October 2018.

 Now that 2018 has drawn to a close, we look forward to a brand-new year that we hope will bring you and your business to the goals you have set. We have a wide range of experience in our customer base, those who have been in business more than 30 years, to others who have recently started up. Sole Proprietors, Incorporated individuals to larger businesses with bricks and mortar establishments and staff. What we all have in common is our commitment to our businesses, our customers and our families. Our communities depend on our businesses’ contributions, and success.

 At All Tasks we have stayed very engaged in building on our foundations to support small business owners as they look for the tools that will help them run their businesses successfully. Five years ago there started to be some ‘rumblings’ in the accounting technology world, bookkeepers and business owners were starting to hear of the Cloud, and how business owners could take advantage of new apps that could help them run their businesses. Now, everyone knows the cloud is here!

 Change can be scary, but there has turned out to be so many advantages for business owners to have access to their numbers in real time that it makes no sense not to move forward and benefit from these tools. Cloud-based accounting apps can integrate with other apps that help business owners manage their businesses, take credit card payments from their phones, manage inventory, post their receipts, manage estimating and job costing, and on and on it goes. With QuickBooks Online alone, the app universe is continually expanding with more than 500 apps that work between the Canadian and US versions.

 We’ve put a lot of our resources into building our platforms to support our customers even better. Are there solutions you’ve heard of and want to learn more about? Are you interested in the cloud? Not interested in the cloud, and wondering what the heck the fuss is about? What would you be able to do if you could see your numbers more often, with more ease and therefore have the ability to plan better? What could change?

 We wish all of our customers and contacts an inspired start to 2019, and we look forward to helping you put the systems in place that make your numbers work for you!

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