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Because of some of my old money stories, I was always sticking my head in the sand, not wanting to know what was going on. There was a lot of shame around my money situation. For several years, I would give Dawn all my “stuff” at the end of the year and then the emails would come with questions. I would ignore them, procrastinate on them, etc.

Despite all of this, Dawn, and her team, were always super patient with me and incredibly kind. They met me where I was at. Between working with Dawn and working with my money coach, I now feel way more confident about my books. I do them monthly.

Every month, I have a meeting with Dawn to talk about my numbers and what else I can do to increase my bottom line. I’ve pretty much done a 180 when it comes to looking at my finances. I feel empowered knowing what’s going on in my business and I now feel capable of making more informed decisions about my financial future. I am super grateful to Dawn for not giving up for me. I highly recommend All Tasks as they always have been my beacon in stormy weather!

Yvonne Basten, Event Management.Guru
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“My biggest challenge prior to hiring All Tasks was that I had no overview of my cost, where I made the money and if I was doing a well enough job. No clear focus when it came to the money part.

I just kept on working hard to stay in the positive but was never sure if the energy was put on the right task. I did what I thought I had to do but never knew what made the money in the business or if my expenses were too high.

After hiring All Tasks my books are now organized. I have a clear overview of my income, expenses and end result. It made me shift my business and I now focus on the elements that actually make me money, cut back on certain things (like changing insurance provider) and keep a better eye on expenses.

I changed my business from a full-service staging company to only consulting. This turned out to be the pillar in my business with the least amount of cost, the least amount of time spent and the best outcome in earnings. A 180 turn with a good result as I had a clear overview of what I was doing. The divisions I thought made the money (as the invoices were higher) actually were costing me money.

If you are on the fence about whether to hire All Tasks, I would say, do it. It will be some work in the beginning, but it will be smooth sailing after that. Once you are set up and the team has a good idea of what your business is all about, it takes less time and effort to get the job done. The team of All Tasks will teach you how to do your books, what to look for and what to adapt. The guidance and understanding is amazing.

All Tasks Services is a wonderful bookkeeping service provider. It is a solid team, very approachable, patient and a joy to work with. After dropping off my books, I am very confident that they will take good care, handle my numbers in honesty and with great integrity. They made me see where my money is made, where I spent it and what the next steps need to be. Very happy with their service!

Yvonne Laanstra, Staging Calgary
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Before hiring All Tasks, my biggest challenge was having unreliable practitioners controlling my books. It left me feeling insecure, but after hiring All Tasks, everything was smooth sailing! Competent, responsive people with an excellent leader.

I enjoy working with people who demonstrate honesty, integrity and get the job done when they say it will be done. Dawn and her team have all these qualities and more. Even when I push the deadlines!

I’d say if you’re on the fence on whether to hire All Tasks, to do your due diligence, then jump off the fence and allow All Tasks to do what they are really good at; creating happy customers!

Dawn is a progressive, experienced leader who also sticks to the fundamentals. Consistent service with a smile and good solid advice along the way. It makes for a stress-free entrepreneur. I can concentrate on what I do best while she does the same in her world. It’s truly a great Win-Win.”

Les Hewitt, The Power of Focus
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“As the ‘new’ CEO I inherited All Task as a pre-existing contractor. As with all senior leadership transitions I had ‘ways of doing things’/preferences that were different from the previous CEO. I really valued the collaborative approach that All Tasks took to understanding my reporting needs and responding to them. There is a collaborative approach embraced by the All Tasks team that is both responsive and adaptive.

One of the things I really value with All Tasks is the proactive approach to our annual audit. Audit time can be stressful and hectic as there are multiple competing priorities to complete the audit along with preparations for the AGM. All Tasks is always there for us, answering questions about where to find certain samples for the audit, proactively preparing trial balances and ramping up bookkeeping efforts to ensure we are well prepared for the year end.

I honestly find the value (for money) provided by All Tasks to be exceptional, money very well spent and likely saves us money in the long term on our overall audit expense (as the process runs so seamlessly).

Gemma Beierback, CCEB
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“I’ve been working with All Tasks Services for over 5 years. They are professional, helpful & know exactly what I need. My year end is so easy now and it takes all my stress away. I love that they do all my bookkeeping, file my GST and do all the tasks that I don’t have time (or knowledge) to do. Honestly, I couldn’t imagine running my business without them!!”

Chrysta Lewis, Scarlet Edge Beauty

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“Our biggest challenge prior to hiring Dawn and her team at All Tasks was trying to find the right accounting firm that would fit with our Organization.

We have been with All Tasks for almost 10 years and truly appreciate the valuable support we receive from them especially at year end!

They are very professional, reliable and always available via telephone or email for a quick question. I would highly recommend All Tasks to any company.

Hometech Contracting Ltd.
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“Dealing with All Tasks has been a breath of fresh air. Through the 22 years that my company, Accent Shower Systems Ltd., has been in business, I have always depended on an offsite bookkeeping service. I was always satisfied with the service of my bookkeeper until meeting Dawn Ross of All Tasks Services Ltd. After hearing a few questions from Dawn, it helped me realize that I should be more concerned about the bookkeeping aspect. She made perfect sense about what to expect from the bookkeeping services I received…I didn’t realize the importance of information that one should receive from bookkeeping, like the monthly reports and analytics.

With the help of All Tasks, all financial decisions are now made based on the facts, and not my ‘Spidey senses’. Also, I was delighted that all of their services were on time and precise. After a few months of working together, All Tasks also showed me how to save money on bookkeeping with a plan that is tailored to my needs.

With my new-found confidence, I have noticed the change in the bottom line, and have never looked back. I have sent a handful of referrals to All Tasks with the full confidence that they will deliver. My business and those that I’ve referred are all different, each with their own individualized bookkeeping needs, and all are working out great!

I whole-heartedly would refer the services of All Tasks Services Ltd. and look forward to a long future dealing with Dawn and her All Tasks team.”

Ken Clawson, Accent Shower Systems Ltd.

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“All Tasks have allowed me to focus on the business proactively and saved time with the books.

My biggest challenge prior to hiring All Tasks was preparing and reconciling bank statements and getting statements to my tax accountant.

Now my records and statements are available prior to the year end so that I can manage and plan more effectively.

The team at All Tasks is professional and very efficient and effective. They are willing to learn new businesses like alternative natural health products and Ranching.

Ann McNabb, Vibrant Wellness
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My biggest challenge prior to hiring All Tasks was in keeping all the accounting in order. Managing the books took too much time and took me away from what I needed to be doing in the business. It was frustrating trying to keep up.

 After hiring All Tasks, the accounting related tasks just became easier. The tools they use make it easy to submit my expenses and paperwork, and with the online apps I always have easy access to my records. One example is that I can easily look up supplier invoices from months ago for comparison when I need to review a price change.

 If you are considering hiring All Tasks, I would say go ahead! It’s going to save you time and money, give you accurate financial information, and give you back the time you need to work on your business. The All Tasks team will work for you!

Michel Giguere, Wall Tek
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“It was my first time owning and operating a small business and I rapidly discovered how little I knew about obviously important things like payroll, taxes and of course bookkeeping!

I was really overwhelmed by all the financial aspects that I really hadn’t properly prepared for.

All Tasks quickly realized what I knew and didn’t know about operating my clinic and anticipated problems for me. They also ensured my books were accurate which made a huge difference when we were audited recently. Everyone at All Tasks is kind and caring. They really want to see you succeed. Further to that, they’re also always pushing themselves forward. They are innovating and trying new and better ways to do bookkeeping to keep it easy for their clients and easier to catch and correct mistakes sooner. Mistakes are expensive. Your time has value. Having a team behind you that prevents expensive mistakes and values your time is invaluable.

Mark, Eye Spy Optometry
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