Take Your Bookkeeping Online

frustrated business ownerNow’s the time to take your bookkeeping online!

You’ve been hearing about online bookkeeping platforms for years. In the beginning, perhaps your thoughts were, let’s wait and see where this goes.

Seven to ten years later, there are numerous online bookkeeping and accounting platforms and App partners solving the questions that Small Business Owners and their Bookkeeping Services are asking. QuickBooks, for example, integrates with over 650 popular business apps.

With industry wide adoption and proven development of the insights available to the small business owner, could there be any better time?


Your Calgary Bookkeeping service is your guide on this journey. Our assessment for support starts with finding where you are right now, and asks where do you want to be? Here’s what we need to consider:

  1. The size and complexity of your current platform file
  2. The functionality you need
  3. User interface
  4. Compliance – does the platform you want to use have all the features needed to accurately record and report the transactions of your business, such as Payroll, Remittances and T4 filings, Subcontractor Payment reporting via T5018 and T4a, GST/HST calculation and filing – or the ability to effectively integrate with an App that does?
  5. How your current systems will change, and how you will bridge that gap


The research done and decision made, now our Calgary based bookkeeping service gets the wheels in motion. We’ll take care of getting the history from your current platform over to the new one, get the file ready for your use, and support you to use it. We’ll help you create new systems to effectively use your new platform and be there for the rest of the journey.


Just imagine where this innovation can take your business, and how it can simplify your workflow:

  • Invoicing and payment services built in.
  • Save time preparing your records for bookkeeping by using a receipt capture app on your phone, right when you make your purchase.
  • Bank and credit card account connections confirms transactions in real-time and can help make data entry a breeze.
  • Anywhere there’s internet, there’s access to your financial information.
  • Easy real-time access for yourself, your team and your accounting professionals.
  • No more software updates to manage.
  • Customizable settings and reporting.

What our satisfied customers are saying:

successful business woman

“…with the online apps I always have easy access to my records. One example is that I can easily look up supplier invoices from months ago for comparison when I need to review a price change.”

“By moving to a cloud bookkeeping service, I have the ability to be as hands-on as I choose to be…”

“They utilize the most current technology applications making it seamless for me to share my receipts and provide information on daily questions.”


Done waiting? Now’s the time to elevate your business accounting systems to the cloud.
Take your bookkeeping online!

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