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bookkeeping services - organizing small business bookkeeping in CalgaryBookkeeping services that bring you results!

We go into business to make a difference, a living, and with dreams of profit. Business owners juggle a lot of responsibilities. Most of us tend to reach for the low-hanging fruit first – putting out fires or working on the things we are best at.

Bookkeeping is hard. Having access to accurate and relevant financial data to help you run your business doesn’t have to be.

How? Work with a team that can make your process simple, and easier to keep up.

  1. Go Online
  2. Digitize
  3. Systemize and schedule
  4. Go beyond compliance
  5. Review and repeat


What’s involved in getting the books online?

Sign up for a reliable, robust platform that can help your business through all stages of its growth. In most cases, there is an online solution that will suit your business.

When you work with us, your bookkeeping team will review your current position and make recommendations. Then, we’ll support moving your historical numbers to the new platform and making it ready for you to go forward.

Training and support for you and your team to use the areas of the program that you will want to use – Invoicing, receiving payments, payroll, setting up bank feeds, accessing reporting and as much else as you want.



Take advantage of OCR (short for Optical Character Recognition) technology. Nowadays we receive most of our receipts or proofs of payment via text or email, and receipt capture apps take that data and get it into our online accounting systems. Quickly!

Having the numerical data into our accounting systems with less emphasis on the time needed to get those numbers in gets you the benefit of insight and higher level support from your bookkeeping team.


Schedule and Systemize

bookkeeping services in Calgary

Get into the groove. Stay on top of your business performance and cash flow. Easy Accounts Receivable monitoring, and automated tools to help with the collection process. Take advantage of the apps that bring the data into the bookkeeping system in real time and have your bookkeeping team process and present the data the way you need to see it.


Bookkeeping Services for business success that goes far beyond compliance

Taxes are necessary, but they aren’t the reason you’re in business. Bookkeeping just for compliance leaves way too much value in bookkeeping wasted.

Up to date bookkeeping is crucial! With our bookkeeping services you will get help forecasting your cashflow and identifying periods where you will want to take steps to ensure your business will stay on course, no matter the obstacles. Keep track of those repeating once a year big ticket items that come out of the bank when you least expect them (and payroll is due!).

Be prepared! With regular reporting and review with your bookkeeping team, we all stay focused on the results you are looking to achieve. What would a ten percent increase in sales do for your business?


Why Review?

Review is your safety net. Financial reports can be hard to read, and so review meetings are essential.

Taking a summary report such as the Income Statement or the Balance Sheet and identifying the pieces that make up the whole goes a long way to confirming the accuracy and completeness of the financial data. Your experience in your business can verify the allocations of the transactions reflected in the books (all the expenditures and receipts of income).

Your vision matters to this bookkeeping team. When we understand your goals, our sights are on achieving those goals with you.


Results that make a difference!

Some real-life examples on how our bookkeeping services and team makes a real difference for our customers!

  • Finding discrepancies between customer recorded payments received, and the amounts that actually were deposited into the bank help the business owner to follow-up and get the missing money! Timely bookkeeping updates have proven to be a money-maker in keeping earned sales from hitting the bad debt column.
  • Getting the books in order. Sometimes there are rocky starts for reasons that are not completely in our control. Having a team dedicated to working with the business owner to get their business filings in compliance, and their business data up to date and meaningful has given our Customer new confidence in running her business, and big gratitude for a team that is responsive and stays connected to push through to the finish line.
  • Moving into more efficient systems. Taking cobbled together systems the business owner made work in leaner times and moving to cloud solutions that bring more tools and visibility, all in one place! Assessing the tools in use for how they serve us today can open up opportunities to move into solutions that may cost a bit more than what you currently spend, but bring you visibility, access to planning tools, easy payment solutions, payroll (and what else did you need) and time.

Small business drives our economy and is responsible for employing more than 68% of Canada’s workforce. As you continue to grow your business and the impact you have in your community, get the bookkeeping services that support your vision and your journey.

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